Mobile In-Home Dog and Cat Grooming

Why Choose an In-Home Groom

Tinkle Time Pet Services in-home groomers take the extra time and patience to ensure a less stressful and comforting grooming experience for your pets.

With in-home grooming, you get convenience as well as peace of mind. No more long hours being dropped off at a salon and no more scary car rides. Our commitment to low stress services provides us the greatest opportunity to complete the service. If that means your pet requires a service take place over multiple days to maintain low stress levels, we are more than happy to accommodate.

About Our Groomer

Lesleigh is a recent graduate of Prestige Dog Grooming school in Calgary. She has partnered up with The Tinkle Time Team to provide your pets with an in your home grooming service, at a discounted rate, to continue to develop her grooming skills of making your pooches look great! She has many years of animal experience from work in rescues, training, and veterinary care. Making animals feel their best is what she does best!

Benefits of In-Home Grooming:

Eliminates physical and mental stress for your pet

Personalized one on one attention and quality care given to each pet

Special attention given to special needs pets

No cage confinement

No exposure to other animals

No car sickness or dirty pets riding in your car

Services performed in a familiar & safe environment

Same groomers each visit to encourage bonding and trust with your pet

Eliminates inconvenient grooming shop drop-offs and pick-ups

Eliminates long stays at the grooming shop

Compassionate groomers and salon results

We clean up!

Dog Grooming Services and Rates

  • *
  • Small (1-20lbs)
  • Medium (21-45 lbs)
  • Large (46-70lbs)
  • Extra Large (70lbs+)
  • Full Groom
  • $115
  • $135
  • $170
  • $200
  • Bath & Tidy
  • $105
  • $125
  • $155
  • $190
  • Bath & Brush
  • $95
  • $105
  • $120
  • $140
  • Additional fees may apply for matting and poor coat condition
  • ~
  • If you choose to bathe your dog, we will take 10% off the service price

    Please follow the below self-bathing procedures:

    1. If your dog is NOT matted

    – Bathe the dog the day before for your service
    – If you have conditioner, use shampoo and conditioner and rinse once
    – If you do not have conditioner, use shampoo and rinse and shampoo and rinse a second time

    2. If your dog IS matted

    – Do not bathe your dog in advance. Bathe your dog following the service provided by our groomer

Cat Grooming Services and Rates

  • Lion Service
  • $100
  • Sani Service
  • $50
  • De-Shed Service
  • $65
  • Cat Spot Shave
  • $50
  • Add Dry Bath +$10 | Add Wet Bath +$30 | Add Sani Shave +$10

Additional Services

  • Dog Nail Trim
  • $30
  • Dog Dremel
  • $35
  • Dog Express Groom
  • $60
  • Cat Nail Trim
  • $35
  • Cat Nail Covers
  • $40
  • Additional Dog Nail Trim $10 | Additional Dog Nail Dremel +$15 | Additional Cat Nail Trim $15 | Travel Outside City Limits $15 – $30

Book Online

  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 8am to 7pm | Please note preferred arrival time in booking request

How to prepare for Mobile In-Home Dog Grooming Services

If you are new to our services, please read in full

What we require:

A decluttered and clean grooming space (preferably not carpeted)

Access to a 3-prong electrical outlet

A few minutes to set up. Once set up, bring your dog to us just as if you’re walking into a salon

Ensure your review our In-Home Groom Policies and Standards below

Registration through our client portal:

We recommend you download the Time To Pet App for appointment confirmation and communication purposes

If Bathing:

Use of a tub, shower or sink

A working detachable shower head

We appreciate if you leave out “dog towels” for the groom

In-Home Grooming Policies and Standards:


We provide you with a 2 hour window of arrival time. Your estimated arrival window is noted in your booking as the start time. All communications from our groomer will be through the Time To Pet Portal.

Due to the nature of very nature of mobile services, we may 1) need to change your appointment time (with notice) to ensure routing efficiency 2) occasionally be late for appointments (traffic, weather, accidents etc) and we will not be held liable for either.

If your pet is uncomfortable and needs the groom to stop, we will stop for the day and come back at your convenience. The safety and stress level of the animal is of the utmost importance. The client will be invoiced for the length of time and what we were able to complete in each session.

A fee will apply if the grooming service was unable to be conducted to the dog’s high fear, anxiety, stress level or signs of serious neglect. Groomers discretion.

Payment is due immediately following your appointment. Credit Card and E-Transfer our preferred forms of payment. Gratuities can be added to the total or in cash.

If bathing, we require the use of your bathtub, shower or sink and it must be equipped with a detachable head. If you do not currently have a detachable head, we may need to modify or reschedule the service.

Ensure the facilities we will be using in your home are working and operational. If not, we may need to reschedule or cancel your pets groom. Travel fees apply.

Ensure the address on file is accurate. If not, we will charge a no show fee and will have to reschedule your appointment.

Ensure your booking is accurate for the number of dogs being groomed and their details are completed in full.

Additional fees may apply for the following: no show fee at groomers discretion (up to 100% of the cost of the groom), parking fees (rate of street parking), excessive matting, clean up fees, return visits to complete a service.

Cancellation Policy. We require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. If a cancellation is requested within 24 hours, we will charge a cancellation fee up to 100% of the services requested and a deposit may be required to book your next groom.


We have a zero tolerance for foul language or abuse and if the groomer feels uncomfortable reserves the right to refuse service and leave.