Mobile Cat Grooming Calgary

With Trim N’ Tidy, your cat skips the car ride, doesn’t have to wait for their groom and is completely kennel free. Our mobile cat grooming Calgary services are purrfect for those kitties who don’t travel well in cars, get stressed out in foreign environments or who may have disabilities, illnesses or other health issues.

Appointments are scheduled at your convenience and completed in the comfort of your home. Familiar surroundings help avoid stressful situations for cats. The service is also an excellent option for kittens to familiarize them with being handled and groomed. Our experienced groomers will ensure your beloved cat is groomed with little to no stress at all.

Mobile cat grooming Calgary services are completed using professional grooming equipment. Although we can handle even the most difficult of kitty clients, we encourage owners to teach their cats to enjoy grooming.  Discounts available for multi cat households.

How to prepare for Mobile Cat Grooming Calgary Services

Our mobile cat grooming services are completed in the comfort and safety of your home. Results are salon quality and your cat will undoubtedly form a trusting relationship with one of our amazing groomers

What we require:

Please have your cat ready  for us prior to arrival

A decluttered and clean grooming area

An area free of distractions i.e. other pets, children, loud noises etc

Access to a 3 prong electrical outlet

If bathing , access to a tub, sink or shower

A few minutes to set up. Once set up, bring your cat to us just as if you’re walking into a salon

Mobile Cat Grooming Calgary Service Options

Lion Package

The lion cut mobile cat grooming Calgary service includes a lion cut, nail trim, and eye and ear clean.  Please allow up to 90 minutes for the service.

  • Lion Cut No Bath
  • $100
  • Lion Cut with Bath
  • $125
  • Subsequent Cats
  • 10% Off

Sanitary & Belly Package

The sanitary & belly shave mobile cat grooming service Calgary includes a bath and dry or waterless bath and brush, shave around privates, belly shave, eye and ear clean and nail trim. Please allow up to 90 minutes for this service. 

  • Sanitary & Belly Shave with Waterless Bath
  • $95
  • Sanitary & Belly Shave with Bath
  • $115
  • Subsequent Cats
  • 10% off

Sanitary Package

This sanitary mobile cat grooming Calgary service includes a bath and dry or waterless bath and brush, shave around privates, eye and ear clean and nail trim. Please allow up to 90 minutes for the service.

  • Sanitary with Waterless Bath
  • $75
  • Sanitary with Bath
  • $95
  • Subsequent Cats
  • 10% off

De-shedding Package

Bath and dry or waterless bath and brush, de-shedding, nail trim and ear and eye clean. On non matted cats only. Please allow up to 90 minutes for the service. 

  • De-Shed with Waterless Bath
  • $95
  • De-Shed with Bath
  • $125
  • Add Sani Shave
  • +$5
  • Add Tummy/Sani Shave
  • +15
  • Subsequent Cats
  • 10% off

Nail Trim

This service includes a cat nail trim. Please allow up to 20 minutes for a cat nail trim. 

  • First Cat
  • $35
  • Subsequent Cats
  • $15

Nail Covers

This service includes application of cat nail covers. Please note covers must be purchased in advance by the cat owner.  Please allow up to 30 minutes for nail cover application.

  • All Cats
  • $35
  • Subsequent Cats
  • $30

Tinkle Time Trial Run

Up to one hour mini session We offer a grooming trial run for cats that may not be familiar with or comfortable with the grooming process. These are not full grooming sessions, but they will allow your pet to build confidence, become accustomed to being groomed and develop a trusting relationship with our groomers.

  • All Cats
  • $30-$60
  • Subsequent Cats
  • 10% off


We provide you with a 2 – 3 hour window of arrival time. Your estimated arrival window is noted in your booking as the start and end time. A text will be sent in the morning of your appointment.

If your pet is uncomfortable and needs the groom to stop, we will stop for the day and come back at your convenience. The safety and stress level of the animal is of the utmost importance. The client will be invoiced for the length of time we were able to complete in the session.

A $30 assessment fee will apply if the grooming service was unable to be conducted to the cat’s high fear, anxiety and stress level.

Payment is due immediately following your appointment. E transfer to [email protected], cash or credit card. Gratuities can be added to the total or in cash.

Ensure the facilities we will be using in your home are working and operational. If not, we may need to reschedule or cancel your pets groom. 

Additional fees may apply for the following: no show fee at groomers discretion, travel outside our service area $5+, fuel fees within city limits, parking fees (rate of street parking), clean up fees $10+

Additional notes:

  • We require the use of your bathtub, shower or utility sink and it must be equipped with a detachable head. If you do not currently have a detachable head, we cannot guarantee results. We strongly encourage you to purchase one for optimal results!
  • Mobile Cat Grooming Calgary service area includes the entire city of Calgary. We are also available in outlying communities for an additional minimum $5 travel fee. These areas include but are not limited to: Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, Cochrane. If you aren’t sure if we service your area, drop us a line!
  • Cancellation Policy. We require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. If a cancellation is requested within 24 hours, we will charge a cancellation fee up to 100% of the services requested and a deposit may be required to book your next groom.
  • Muzzles are the responsibility of the pet owner to purchase
  • Tinkle Time Pet Services Mobile Cat Grooming Calgary accepts the following payment methods: