At Tinkle Time the comfort of your pet is our top priority!

With Trim N’ Tidy, your pet skips the car ride, doesn’t have to wait for their groom and is completely kennel free. Our mobile cat grooming services are purrfect for those kitties who don’t travel well in cars, get stressed out in foreign environments or who may have disabilities, illnesses or other health issues.

A Trim N’ Tidy appointment is scheduled at your convenience and completed in the comfort of your home. Familiar surroundings can help avoid stressful situations for cats especially if they have any pre existing behavioral issues or physical ailments. The service is also an excellent option for kittens to familiarize themselves with being handled and groomed. Our experienced groomers will ensure your beloved pet is skillfully groomed with little to no stress at all.

All grooms are completed using professional grooming equipment and best in the industry quality shampoo and conditioner.

How to prepare for Trim N’ Tidy mobile grooming service

What we need to accomplish an in home groom is very simple. Although it’s a bit of a different approach than the conventional pet salon, the results are as good if not better and your pet will undoubtedly form a trusting relationship with one of or potentially both of our amazing groomers.

  • Please select an area of the home that is clean, has air flow, is quiet and clear of clutter (please ensure additional distractions are removed i.e. children, other pets, unnecessary noise/objects)
  • We require access to an electrical outlet
  • We will arrive with our grooming equipment and require a few minutes to set up
  • Once set up, please bring your cat to us just as if you’re walking into a salon in your own home
  • If we are bathing your cat, we will require use of a tub, shower or equivalent water and drainage source ideally equipped with a detachable shower head. It isn’t recommended to perform a bath and cut on the same day as it usually causes too much stress on the cat.
  • The pet owner is required to be there for at least the first groom
  • Grooming services are currently available weekly every Tuesday and Thursday between 9am and 4pm. If you require a day and/or time outside of that, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs

Lion Cut

This groom includes a lion cut, nail trim, and eye and ear clean.

*Please allow up to 60 minutes for a Lion Cut

  • All Cats
  • $90 – $110

Sanitary & Belly Shave

This groom includes cat sanitary, belly shave, eye and ear clean and nail trim.

*Please allow up to 45 minutes for a sanitary and belly shave

  • All Cats
  • $60 – $80


This groom includes shave around privates, eye and ear clean and nail trim.

*Please allow up to 30 minutes for sanitary groom

  • All Cats
  • $40 – $60

Nail Trim

This service includes a cat nail trim.

*Please allow up to 20 minutes for a cat nail trim

  • All Cats
  • $25 – $35

Nail Covers

This service includes application of cat nail covers. Please note covers must be purchased in advance by the cat owner.

*Please allow up to 30 minutes for nail cover application

  • All Cats
  • $25 – $35

Tinkle Time Trial Run

Up to one hour mini session We offer a grooming trial run for cats that may not be familiar with or comfortable with the grooming process. These are not full grooming sessions, but they will allow your pet to build confidence, become accustomed to being groomed and develop a trusting relationship with our groomers.

  • All Cats
  • $30-$60

Clients Please note:

  • If your pet is uncomfortable and needs the groom to stop, we will stop for the day and come back at your convenience. The safety and stress level of the animal is of the utmost importance. The client will be invoiced for the length of time we were able to complete in the session.
  • If the groom is inhibited by your pet’s behavior or coat condition, we may need to reschedule to ensure other clients are not affected.
  • If your cat is reactive or anxious, we recommend talking to your vet re a sedative prescription to make the grooming process less stressful. We may also require use of a muzzle. Muzzle’s may be the responsibility of the pet owner to purchase.
  • We require the use of your bathtub, shower or utility sink and it must be equipped with a detachable head. If you do not currently have a detachable head, we cannot guarantee results. We strongly encourage you to purchase one for optimal results!
  • Our service area includes the entire city of Calgary. We are also available in outlying communities for an additional minimum $20 travel fee. These areas include but are not limited to: Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, Cochrane. If you are not sure if we service your area, drop us a line!
  • Cancellation Policy. We require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. If a cancellation is requested within 24 hours, we will charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the services requested and a deposit may be required to book your next groom.
  • Tinkle Time Pet Services accepts the following payment methods: