Tinkle Time Trekkers

Pack Unity and Balance
Through constant learning and thoughtful leadership

Tinkle Time Trekkers offers a variety of pack walk options to meet yours and your dogs needs. Our balanced pack walks combine exercise, patience and obedience to create a unified pack who cooperate with one another as well as their pack leader.  Through engaging activities, your pup will be mentally and physically challenged ultimately delivering not only a tired dog but a calm one.

Trekkers offers three service levels to meet your dogs physical exercise and mental stimulation needs. Tiny Trekkers is designed for puppies under 6 months of age who aspire to become part of the pack! Treks N’ Tracks offers structured on/off leash one hour pack walk for dogs of all shapes. Finally, Day Trekkers offers a full day option for those pups who have a bit more energy to burn.

Tinkle Time Trekkers is currently offered in Central, Southeast and Southwest Calgary. Due to demand and for scheduling purposes, all pack walks require a minimum commitment of one walk on the same day per week.

How to prepare for Trekkers Pack Walks

First Step:

Contact us to arrange a complimentary meet and greet

What we require:

Copy of up to date vaccination records

Current City of Calgary dog license

Completion of Time To Pet Registration

Trekkers Service Levels

Treks N’ Tracks

Treks N’ Tracks is a great option for the adolescent or adult dog who needs one hour per day! Our 60 minute pack walks combine on and off leash time and take place in a variety of locations across South Calgary. Your dog will have an opportunity to socialize in a structured and controlled environment with a maximum of 8 dogs per pack whilst learning on leash and off manners through a variety of engaging techniques. *Minimum commitment one walk same day per week*

  • 1 Walk Per Week
  • $31/walk
  • 2-3 Walks Per Week
  • $27/walk
  • 4-5 Walks Per Week
  • $25/walk
  • Second Dog Same House
  • -$5

Tiny Trekkers

Tiny Trekkers is designed for puppies who aspire to be part of the pack one day! Tiny Trekkers is available for pups up to 6 months of age and guarantees a minimum of 30 minutes exercise time that focusses on basic socialization techniques and prep for the pack exercises! All Tiny Trekkers must have had their 3rd set of shots before participating in groups. *Minimum commitment one walk same day per week*

  • 1 Walk Per Week
  • $28/walk
  • 2-3 Walks Per Week
  • $25/walk
  • 4-5 Walks Per Week
  • $23/walk
  • Second Dog Same House
  • -$5

Day Trekkers

Day Trekkers is a full day pack walk option for dogs who have extra energy to burn! Your dog will enjoy a minimum of 2 hours of pack walk time so you can have peace of mind that your dog is well exercised throughout the day. *Minimum commitment one walk same day per week*

  • 1 Full Day Per Week
  • $46/walk
  • 2-3 Full Days Per Week
  • $41.00
  • 4-5 Full Days Per Week
  • $36.00
  • Second Dog Same House
  • -$5

Prep for the Pack Private Walks

Some dogs take a little longer to get used to the group. In certain cases we are able to offer private walks to prepare your dog for the pack environment!

  • 60 Minutes
  • $40/walk
  • 45 Minutes
  • $35
  • 30 Minutes
  • $30

Meet your Pack Leader – Tara Woroschuk

Hi my name’s Tara, and the pretty pup of mine is Gracie !

I’ve worked in the veterinary industry for 7 years and spent some time assisting a local dog trainer after completing her course with my crazy girl.

Dogs have always been a passion of mine and I have been very lucky to find a way to continue learning and working with dogs in a wide variety of ways. Every dog is so different and I love getting to know them and helping them get the physical and mental exercise they need to live calm, happy lives with their families

I am open to and enjoy working with reactive dogs and do my best to maintain and assist with any training you are currently working on.

Communities we Trek!

We are constantly expanding our service area. If you live in a neighboring community and are interested in our services, please let us know!

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